The Continuing Education Center at the University of Information and Communications Technology, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers / Committee for Coordination and Management of Government Activity towards e-Government, the training, development and international support team, organized the third development workshop within the third phase of 2023 of the training program for capacity building for employees of state institutions towards electronic transformations.

The workshop, which was entitled “Building the Data Center” and was presented by Prof. Dr. Golan Rokan Nayef, a teacher at the Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics and Eng. Weam Saadi Hamza, a teacher at the University of Information and Communication Technology, which was organized over five days from 11-15/6/2023,

On the first day, I dealt with an introduction to data centers and connectivity as a second and third layer, and the workshop focused on the second day on optical cable infrastructure,

The topic of algorithms for linking and exchanging data between devices was also addressed on the third day of the workshop.

On the fourth day, it was dedicated to storage protocols and how to choose the best protocol, and on the fifth and last day of the workshop, data security and types of data center penetration were discussed, in addition to identifying the most common types of data center penetration.