The Women’s Empowerment Section Organizes a Symposium on Breast Cancer and Early Detection

The Women’s Empowerment Section at the University of Information  Technology and Communication (UoITC) organized an awareness symposium on breast cancer and early detection.
The university hosted Dr. Rula Al-Khafaf, a member of the Iraqi Society for Combating Cancer, and Dr. Sarah Hassan Karnos, a member of the Clinical Oncology Society, to talk about this disease.
The first lecture dealt with the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, in which genetic factors may be a major risk factor, in addition to other factors and reasons that help in increasing the disease. The lecturer also mentioned some experiences of women who were afflicted with this disease.

While the second lecture showed the statistics of the disease in the world, the Middle East, and Iraq.
The lecturer also explained that wrong habits may contribute to increasing the risk of the disease such as smoking, sitting for hours without working out, taking some medications like birth control pills, and an unhealthy diet, in addition to the procedures that must be taken after detecting any suspicious signs.
At the end of the symposium, an awareness film was shown about the procedures for early home detection of breast cancer.
The attendees had their share of interventions, most of which focused on the necessity of early screening for breast cancer, as the quicker the knowledge about the disease, the less treatment we need.