The Dean of the College of Business Informatics, Dr. Nagham Hamid Abdul Mahdi, and the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Justice for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Burhan Mezher Al-Qaisi, discussed the status of the educational process in the University Education Center/Karkh Central Prison Department. The Dean of the College provided a detailed explanation of the course of the educational process for the inmates and the readiness of the university to fully cooperate in accordance with the instructions in order to move forward with the success of this program. Finjan also mentioned that the inmate students achieved great excellence in their studies and their semester results.
On the other hand, Dr. Burhan Al-Qaisi, pointed to the interest and follow-up of His Excellency the Minister of Justice, Dr. Khaled Shawani, to make all efforts for its success and development. Al-Qaisi explained that the Ministry of Justice continues to develop the program by creating a new center to inmates in the Babylon Central Prison section, in addition to adding other educational specializations for free, pointing out that there was a wide demand by the inmats to finish their university education.