Student (A.Z.N) #Trend of social media pages in Iraq

The news of the student’s (A.Z.N) excelling at the University of Information Technology and Communications topped the social media trend after his remarkable excellence in his academic career.
For the third year in a row, the student (A.Z.N.) achieved remarkable superiority over his peers at the University Education Center in Al-Karkh Central Prison, affiliated with the College of Business Informatics.
On their pages, bloggers praised the great achievement achieved by the University of Information Technology and Communications in the project to establish a university education center in Karkh Central Prison. To teach the inmates why this project is a societal reform that is in the benefit of the country.

Women’s Affairs Department Participates in International Day of the Girls

The Women’s Affairs Department and female students participated in the International Day of the Girl celebration held on 5/12. It was organized by the Media and Communications Authority in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) at the Babylon Hotel.
Dr. Asmaa Abdul Hussein, head of the department, and the students whose projects were selected by the ministry were honored during the event.
It is worth noting that the university president attended this celebration representing the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Additionally, the event was attended by various personalities, institutions, and organizations interested in information and communication technology

Medical informatics professors visit the children’s hospital

Many professors from the College of Biomedical Informatics visited the children’s hospital in the Aliskan area.

The college staff organized a visit to the hematology department at the children’s hospital to provide gifts and donations to children suffering from leukemia.

This humanitarian initiative is part of the college and university activities that serve the community and this affected group due to these serious diseases.

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